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Hello Electric Cooperative Employees! Thumbnail

Hello Electric Cooperative Employees!

Hello Electric Cooperative Employees!

My name is Brian Coleman. I worked for White River Electric Cooperative in Branson for 11 years. I left White River in January 2019 to open 80/20 Financial Services, a retirement planning and investing firm. My expertise is in retirement planning and I've helped many cooperative employees, just like you, create a retirement plan to ensure their money lasts as long as their retirement does.

Why Did You Start a Retirement Planning Firm?

I started this firm because I believe electric cooperative employees should have access to financial advice they can trust. NRECA does a magnificent job educating you about their plans and also does a great job of giving you general information about retirement options. However, all they offer is information about their plans with general advice. There is a reason for that. I would be glad to discuss this with you at some point.

I think you deserve financial planning catered specifically for you and your unique situation. I believe you deserve a living breathing financial adviser to guide you through that plan and all the obstacles that will come your way. Someone to give you specific advice and not wondering generalities. I believe you can look forward to much more than a pension payment in retirement. That's where we can help.

Should We Work Together?

80/20 Financial Services  is for people who want control of their retirement money and are interested in creating something bigger than just a monthly pension after they retire while using an adviser you know, trust, and works directly for you and not some benefit plan.

We are a full service Retirement Planning Firm. We are fiduciary advisers that will always keep your best interest in mind. If it comes to anything financial we can help you with it. From Retirement Planning, Investing, Asset Management, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning, etc... we provide it all.

I would love the opportunity to discuss retirement options with you. Click here to schedule a complimentary meeting via my website. All I offer is a second opinion.... and a cup of coffee if you would like to meet in person. I can also meet via a web chat or feel free to call, email, or text at 417-294-5277.

For help with your retirement planning and investing needs, please contact 80/20 Financial Services. We charge nothing for a second opinion.

We are fiduciary financial planning firm located in Ozark, Missouri and we specialize in retirement planning. Do you have enough money saved for retirement? Will you run out of money in retirement? We can help you answer both questions. Contact us today.

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Retirement is not the end of the road...it is the beginning of an open highway.

Thanks for reading!

Brian Coleman/Investment Adviser