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The Secret to Investing Thumbnail

The Secret to Investing

The Secret to Investing

The secret to investing is complex. There is no silver bullet, there is no pill to take, there is no hot new stock, etc. Everyday we are bombarded by advertisers trying to sell us quick fixes to complex problems. I'm sure we've all fell victim to to the silver bullet solution once or twice before. I know for myself, it's happened more times than I would like to admit. So if there is no silver bullet for investing then what is the secret to investing?

What is Investing?

According to Nick Murray and is book Simple Wealth Inevitable Wealth, 

“Investing is like planting a tree, you plant it in the earth, and a wonderful force of nature (compound interest) causes it to take root, and to grow. You don’t have to do much with it: the air and the water and the nutrients it needs are all around the tree, and it knows how to use them.

You don’t dig it up every ninety days to check on its progress, nothing much will have changed in that brief time and you might harm the tree. You don’t uproot the tree and store it in the garage over the winter, to protect it from what you regard as bad weather. Though it’s leaves die and it stops growing for a season, the tree itself does not die.

Even leafless, the tree is still producing oxygen, without which you and I could not live. Give the tree enough room, enough light, enough time. Then leave it pretty much alone. It will give you back air and shade and beauty as it grows and will go on doing so for your children after you’re gone”

At 80/20 Financial Services, just like the above passage states, we believe that investing should be looked at as a long term goal. Much like planting a tree.

At 80/20 Financial Services we believe in an investing strategy. We believe:

  • That real wealth, an income one doesn’t outlive, can only be achieved through a program of lifetime investing in quality equities. i.e. stocks and mutual funds
  • That mainstream equities historically create lifetime retirement income which rises through time and rises significantly higher than consumer inflation.
  • That the achievement of real wealth in equities is not driven by investment “performance” but by investor behavior. We believe in making a lifetime plan and sticking to it, ignoring both bull market fads and bear market panic.
  • That, in practice, no one will ever be able to resist the great behavioral traps of equity investing without a high quality advisor.
  • That the highest, best and most valuable function of an advisor is guiding clients past The Big Mistake, in all of its several manifestations.
  • That therefore your behavioral investment counseling alone is worth multiples of what the client pays for it.

The Real Secret to Investing

Many people think the secret is the "right" adviser picking the "right" investments for you. The real secret to long term investing success is the adviser keeping you from making costly mistakes. That's the secret to investing.

Think of us as a 1% insurance plan for your retirement nest egg. Except, unlike most insurance plans, we protect you before a disaster strikes, not after a disaster strikes.

Would You Like a Second Opinion on Your Retirement Plan?

We are a fiduciary financial planning firm located in Ozark, Missouri and we specialize in retirement planning. Do you have enough money saved for retirement? Will you run out of money in retirement? We can help you answer both questions. Contact us today for a no obligation review and second opinion of your retirement plan.  For more articles about planning your retirement click here.

Thanks for reading,

Brian Coleman/Retirement Planner/Investment Adviser