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“Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else.” – Fred Rogers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should we work with 80/20 Financial? 

Does it seem probable to you that with the sources my firm has access to that it might cause your long-term investment return to be at least one percent per year more than you might obtain on your own?

Does it seem probable that we will save you at least one percent per year in the costs of mistakes you might make on your own that we might be able to help you not make?

Does it also seem probable that we might save you at least the equivalent of one percent per year in time, energy, worry, and record keeping?

Only one of these services needs to save you 1% for it to be a 100% return on your investment

Are your recommendations truly in my best interest?

As a firm, we take very seriously our Fiduciary Duty to always act in the client’s best interest (vs. just trying to sell you a product). In addition to a legal obligation, our firm has been built on a foundation of placing the client’s interest before any thoughts of our own compensation. We recommend the same investment strategies used in our personal accounts. We are committed to honest and ethical behavior. 

Do I have to be located in Missouri to work with you?

No. We can work with clients throughout the country.

Does 80/20 Financial actually hold my money/assets?

No. We use Shareholders Service Group (SSG)a subsidiary of Pershing Financial for our custodian and clearing house. They work exclusively with independent advisers.  I researched many different custodians before I settled on SSG. Their customer service is top notch and that is exactly why I chose them. My money is with them also.

How often will I hear from you?
We typically meet twice annually. Client education is a big focus for our firm. We publish a regular blog explaining what the headlines mean for our clients. In addition, clients are always welcome to call or email any questions or concerns at any time.

Will you help me solve any and all financial problems I may encounter?
Yes. We have assisted clients in solving an assortment of financial issues such as early retirement options, 401k plans, IRS audits, family deaths, disability, tax issues, real estate, debt, Social Security, Medicare, health insurance, college, gifting and almost any other financial issue imaginable. While we certainly don’t have all the answers, through our network of resources, we can find the answer.