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At 80/20 Financial Services we firmly believe in full transparency and disclosure that's why you will find our fees listed directly on our site. 

We can only service a select amount of clients. Because of that, we require prospective clients to have a minimum dollar amount of investable assets. Contact us for more info.

At 80/20 Financial we use the Assets Under Management/AUM Model as our billing structure. We use the AUM model because we firmly believe that it puts us on the same side of the table as our clients.

Investment Assets Under Management (AUM) - This fee covers all your retirement planning needs.

For actively managed accounts from $400,000-$999,999 dollars:

 .75% of the assets under management billed quarterly.  Ex. $500,000 x .75% = $3,750 per year total billed quarterly at $937.50 per quarter.

For actively managed accounts  $1 million dollars and up:

.50% of the assets under management billed quarterly. Ex. $1,000,000 x .50% = $5,000 per year total billed quarterly at $1,250 per quarter.

***Remember, we only work together one quarter at a time. If at anytime, you feel the value we provide is not worth the fee you pay, you may cancel and I will personally help you transfer everything to your new adviser.

Insurance and Annuities-If needed these are paid by commission to us from the Insurance Companies and you will be given full disclosure of pricing and commission before you buy anything. (Annuities are not actively managed accounts and are not subject to Asset Under Management/AUM Fees.)

 At 80/20 we strive to be different. We aren't salesmen. We are teachers here to help you with any and all your retirement needs.

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