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At 80/20 Financial Services we firmly believe in full transparency and disclosure that's why you will find our fees listed directly on our site. 

We use the Assets Under Management/AUM Model as our billing structure. Assets Under Management (AUM) simply means the money we manage/invest for you. This fee covers all your retirement planning needs. We use the AUM model because we firmly believe that it puts us on the same side of the table as our clients. We succeed when you succeed.

Because we can only serve a select and limited amount of clients we require a minimum of $400,000 of investable assets before we can work together.

Our Fee:

Actively Managed Accounts- 0.75% of the Assets Under Management billed quarterly.  Ex. $500,000 x 0.75% = $3,750 per year total billed quarterly at $937.50 per quarter.

Our fee is billed to your investments and it covers all your retirement planning needs not just the management of investments. Managing your investments is a very small part of the job, but, in our opinion, it's the simplest way to bill a client. Think of your fee as an insurance plan for your retirement nest egg. Except unlike most insurance plans we protect you before a disaster strikes, not after a disaster strikes.

Life Insurance and Annuities- Annuities and Life Insurance can play an important role in retirement. If needed these are paid by commission to us from the Insurance Companies and you will be given full disclosure of pricing and commission before you buy anything. (Annuities are not actively managed accounts and are not subject to Asset Under Management/AUM Fees.)

Your Fee includes:

These are a few examples of what you get for our retirement planning fee. This is NOT a comprehensive list.

Retirement Income Planning

  • Create Retirement Income Plan based on your financial needs 

  • Semi-Annual review and update of your Retirement Income Plan 

  • Social Security recommendations

Retirement Investment Planning

  • Create a diversified Investment Plan with 3-5 Years of income available at all times

  • Weekly monitoring of Investments

  • Regular rebalancing of investments to maintain Investment Plan

Retirement Spending Strategy

  • Track and advise on Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

  • Create a spending strategy that matches your retirement income goals

  • “Retirement Snapshot” emailed to you quarterly

Retirement Tax Planning

  • Achieve maximum tax benefits for charitable contributions 

  • Annual review of tax return and tax strategies

  • Improve tax efficiency of investment portfolio if needed 

  • Pay Aunt Iris (IRS) what we owe but we don’t leave a tip

At 80/20 we strive to be different. We aren't salesmen. We are teachers here to help you with any and all your retirement needs.

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