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"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time."-Zig Ziglar

Our Process:

Above all else, we want you to make an informed and educated decision before you decide to work with us or any adviser.

First thing I would advise you to do is research as much as possible about myself and my firm. In the bottom left corner of the screen you'll see a button that says BrokerCheck. Click on the button and type in my information and you can read everything about me and my firm. You can also do this with any other advisers you speak with. Any complaints filed by clients as well as any lawsuits filed by clients will show up here.

After that I would also encourage you to check out my personal Facebook page ,  my Business Facebook page and my LinkedIn Page. These pages should give you an idea about who I am and what I'm about. This page and my blog should also give you some insight as well.

For us to work together you need to be able to trust me so feel free to spend time learning whatever you can about me. If you have specific questions send me an email or text and I'll be glad to answer them.

I would encourage you to do this with any other advisers you speak with. And personally, I would advise you to meet with at least three advisers before you decide. This will allow you to make an informed decision.

So hopefully by now you have done your research and would like to reach out. Here is our process.

Step 1. Initial Phone Meeting: 15-30 Minutes

First thing is going to be a free 15-30 minute chat. In this conversation I will ask you a few simple questions to help you determine if you are on the right track for retirement or if you can afford to retire right now. If at the end of the meeting you decide you would be interested in a more detailed investigation into your retirement strategy we will move to the second meeting.

Step 2. First Office Meeting: 30-60 Minutes

We will meet face to face or via an online chat to know each other. I will ask you some additional and more detailed questions so that I can get a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish. I do this to make sure the plan I create will meet your goals.

Step 3. We Create Your Retirement Plan

We will determine if you have enough money to retire based on your desired income. We will determine if your portfolio can be improved. We will match an investment strategy to your specific retirement plan. We will identify threats and risks to your retirement plan.


Step 4. Second Office Meeting 30-60 Minutes

We will meet to review the plan I have created for you. We will discuss why I think it's the best strategy for you and I will answer any questions you may have about the plan.

Step 5.  Sleep On It.

Go home and answer these questions. Do I like/trust/respect the team at 80/20 Financial? Will the benefits they provide exceed their cost? Do I understand and agree with their investment philosophy and retirement plan? Do their recommendations make sense to me?

Step 6. Third Office Meeting/Paperwork 30-60 Minutes

If we have created a plan that accomplishes your retirement goals and you agree that we should work together, we will initiate the appropriate paperwork for you to become a client.

Schedule Your Second Opinion Today.


At 80/20 Financial we are an Independent Registered Investment Adviser. That means we work for you. Any recommendations or advice we give you will be because that's the advice that we think is in your best interest.

We do not work for a corporation that tells us what we need or should sell you. I tell prospective clients this. If you were getting married would you go to Walmart to buy your wedding dress or suit? You probably wouldn't. More than likely you would go to a custom shop that specializes in fitting wedding dresses and suits.

We are that custom shop and we will make sure that your retirement plan you fits you perfectly!