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We believe our retirement planning price is worth multiples of what a client pays for it.


Our fee is 0.75% per year on money we manage for you and this fee covers all of your retirement planning needs, however pricing without context can be confusing, so we ask that you read why you should work with us and then contact us for pricing specifics.

We specialize in working with people who need help with the planning of $500,000 or more of retirement assets.

Our fees are billed quarterly in advance, and deducted directly from client’s accounts.

*Pricing example-$1,000,000 x 0.75% = $7,500/year billed quarterly at $1,875 on the first day of each quarter. (January 1, April 1, July 1. October 1) The fee is deducted directly from you investment accounts. Contact us for specifics.

There is no long term contract to sign. Our relationship with you is day by day. If at any time you feel we aren't providing you value that exceeds our price then we shake hands and part ways as friends. We will refund your money for that quarter and help you transfer your assets to your new advisor. 

Price includes:

All of your retirement planning needs. This is NOT a comprehensive list. 

  • Identify and get a complete understanding of your retirement goals

  • Establish a retirement plan based on your retirement goals

  • Create a diversified portfolio designed to accomplish your retirement goals

  • Standing between you and your impulses to derail your plan.

  • Regular rebalancing of investments to maintain Investment Plan

  • Annual review and update of your plan to make sure you’re on track

  • Help paying no more taxes than you legally have to

  • Help solving any and all financial problems you may encounter

At 80/20 we focus on outcomes we can control. We identify your retirement goals, establish a plan for achieving them, and then create a portfolio to accomplish them.

At 80/20 we don't sell. We help. 

Click Here to schedule your retirement consultation

The consultation is free and without obligation.