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Retirement Planning You Can Trust

What We Do:

We help our clients discover their goals for what they consider their ideal retirement. Then together, we create a retirement plan for the realization of those goals. Finally, we devise a specific investing and spending strategy that is appropriate for the execution of that plan. 

Our mission statement is simple- In a partnership with each client, we create a personalized retirement plan and spending strategy to ensure our clients realize their best retirement possible. We do this with Reliability, Integrity, Compassion, and Honesty.

At 80/20 Financial we believe: 

  • That real wealth, an income one doesn’t outlive, can only be achieved through a program of lifetime investing in quality equities. i.e. stocks and mutual funds

  • That mainstream equities historically create lifetime retirement income which rises through time and rises significantly higher than consumer inflation.

  • That the achievement of real wealth in equities is not driven by investment “performance” but by investor behavior. We believe in making a lifetime plan and sticking to it, ignoring both bull market fads and bear market panic.

  • That, in practice, no one will ever be able to resist the great behavioral traps of equity investing without a high quality advisor.

  • That the highest, best and most valuable function of an advisor is guiding clients past The Big Mistake, in all of its several manifestations.

  • That therefore your behavioral investment counseling alone is worth multiples of what the client pays for it.

We are retirement planning specialists and we believe that retirement planning encompasses the following: Investment Planning, Income Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Special Goal Planning, Cash Flow Planning, and Insurance Planning.

Examples of what we do:

  • Investment Planning- We provide investment advice based on your goals.
  • Income Tax Planning- You want to pay the least taxes possible? So do we. We will show you how.
  • Estate Planning-Who is deciding what happens to everything you’ve accumulated when you die—you or the state? 
  • Special Goal Planning- I'd like to buy an RV and tour the country when I retire. Or maybe you want to send a child or grandchild to college.
  • Cash Flow Planning- Do you know exactly where your money goes right this instant?
  • Insurance Planning- Are you properly insured? Do you have enough life insurance? Should you buy Long Term Care insurance? If something happens to you will your family be able to make it financially?