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"As your advisor we are a walking talking insurance plan hired to protect one of the largest assets you own, your retirement nest egg. Except unlike most insurance plans we protect you before a disaster strikes, not after a disaster strikes." Brian Coleman-Owner 80/20 Financial


There is no long term contract to sign. Our relationship with you is quarter by quarter. If at anytime you feel we aren't increasing your time, money and peace of mind then we shake hands and part ways as friends. We will refund your money for that quarter and help you transfer your assets to your new advisor. Pricing without context can be confusing so we ask that you read why you should work with us and then contact us for pricing specifics.

In order to provide you with the best service possible we have to be very selective when deciding to work with potential clients. We aren't for everyone. We only work with a maximum of 50 households at a time.

We are currently accepting new clients if you meet the requirements below:

You are age 50 or over and have at least $500,000 between your employer retirement accounts and any personal accounts. 

Price includes:

All of your retirement income and investment planning needs. These are a few examples of what you get for our retirement planning price. This is NOT a comprehensive list. 

Pre-Retirement Planning

  • Someone you can talk to confidentially about your situation

  • Create an Investment plan to help you retire

  • Adjustment of that plan when needed

  • Monitoring of that plan to make sure you're on track

  • College planning for your kids

  • Personal strategies for your 401K 

  • Strategies for any other investments you may have

  • Answer the phone when you call and if we can't we call you back promptly

Retirement Planning

  • Create an Income Plan designed to last 20-30 years

  • Create an Investment Plan to grow your money the next 20-30 years 

  • Establish a retirement emergency fund with 2-5 years of cash available at all times (We sleep just fine when the market is volatile. In fact, we welcome volatility.)

  • Semi-Annual review and update of your plan 

  • Social Security strategies and recommendations

  • Weekly monitoring of Investments

  • Regular rebalancing of Investments to maintain Investment Plan

  • Track and advise on Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

  • Create a spending strategy that matches your retirement income needs

  • Achieve maximum tax benefits for charitable contributions 

  • Annual review of tax return and tax strategies moving forward

  • Improve tax efficiency of investment portfolio if needed 

  • Pay Aunt Iris (IRS) what we owe but we don’t leave a tip

  • Answer the phone when you call and if we can't we call you back promptly

At 80/20 we don't sell. We help.

 Contact us to set up a consultation. The consultation is free and without obligation.