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We believe a goal of retiring - without an investment plan to increase your income during retirement- is simply a plan to never retire.

Who We Help:

We help people in the pre-retirement and retirement phase who want to proactively create their retirement income and investment plans. Retirement can last 20-30 years. You need a strategy that will increase your income during that time. We can help you do that.

Pre-Retirement- You are still working and within 5-10 years of your desired retirement age which is typically age 50 or over. You are still saving money but not sure if you have saved enough or if your plan is on track. Basically, you just want to know when or if you can retire. We can help.

Retirement- You are no longer working. You have saved your entire life and now you need to plan what to do with that money. Maybe you are worried about running out of money. Maybe you want to invest it but aren't sure how. Maybe you want to leave a legacy to your kids or your favorite charity. We can help.

Who We Are:

80/20 Financial Services is an Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Independent means we work for you and no one else. We are located in Ozark, MO but we have the ability to work with clients throughout the United States.

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Brian Coleman

Retirement Income & Investment Planner

I am the owner of 80/20 Financial Services. I know retirement decisions can be overwhelming. If you are looking for a retirement planner you can trust and that has the ability to translate complex financial strategies in plain English then we should talk. I hope to offer a different experience from other financial professionals. We teach and show you what is possible. We won't try to sell you anything. You have my word on that.

A few things to note about me. I carry no personal debt other than my mortgage. My credit score is 792. It would be higher but I have no installment payments because I carry no debt. I have a  very positive net worth. I keep 6 months of savings in an emergency fund at all times. I invest in the same products I recommend to my clients. The reason I tell you these things is they are things you should know about any advisor before you entrust your retirement planning and investing with them.

*For any current and former Electric Cooperative Employees, I worked at an electric cooperative for 11 years. I know and respect what you do and I know your benefits and retirement plan options very well. I can help you with your retirement planning with an insight and perspective that most advisors just don't have.