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  • Should you take a monthly pension or lump sum offer?

  • What We Do:

    We help electric cooperative employees answer questions like:

    • Should you take a monthly pension or lump sum offer?
    • How can you take your lump sum and create a monthly income from it?
    • Do you have enough money between your pension/R&S and/or 401k to retire?
    • Could you possibly retire at age 55 or earlier?
    • Is your 401k invested correctly for your retirement goals?
    • Should you be investing in a Traditional 401k or a Roth 401k?
    • Are you contributing too much or too little to your 401k?
    • Should you quasi-retire?
    • Should you accept an early retirement offer?
    • When should you claim Social Security benefits?
    • How can you pay the least amount of taxes legally possible? (Tax planning)
    • How can you protect your assets from the courts, the federal government and long-term care facilities. (Estate planning)
    • How do you invest your retirement money so that you increase your income and outpace inflation in retirement?
    • How do you create an income stream in retirement that is similar to when you were working?

    Your cooperative/NRECA may offer great retirement benefits.

    What they don't offer you is a plan on how to maximize those benefits based on your unique retirement goals.

    That's what we do.

    What We Don't Do:

    • Pressure you to do anything ever
    • React to the 24/7 financial news cycle
    • Tell you what you want to hear
    • Put our interest before yours
    • Sell you products you don't need
    • Promise you anything we can't deliver on
    • Forecast the economy (because no one can)
    • Time markets (because no one can)
    • Predict which investments will outperform other investments (because no one can)

    How can we help you?

    Click Here to schedule your retirement consultation 

    The consultation is free and without obligation.