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Why is the Market Doing So Well lately? Thumbnail

Why is the Market Doing So Well lately?

We’ve basically had a full blown bull market since the market bottom in March. The S&P has a positive 34% return in just two months. How does that make any sense at all? Unemployment is higher than any time since the Great Depression. The death toll from Covid-19 continues to climb slowly, and everybody still says that a vaccine is a year away at least. What gives? It seems like the market has become completely disconnected from reality.

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Do You Have Time to Wait for Stocks to Recover? Thumbnail

Do You Have Time to Wait for Stocks to Recover?

Since 1948, there have been 10 Bear markets U.S. excluding the one we are in right now. The average number of years from the peak of the Bear market to the recovery, meaning the time it took for the S&P 500 to climb back to its previous highs was 3.9 years and the median/midpoint was 2.7 years. On five of those occasions, the market recovered in 2 years or less! In other words, market downturns feel much longer than they actually are.

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My 401K balance dropped! Thumbnail

My 401K balance dropped!

If you're 10 years out or more from retirement then congrats! You're 401K should've dropped by around 40%. That means you were invested in equities/equity type mutual funds like you should have been with that kind of time time on your side.

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